Absolutely. We have an extensive insurance policy that covers us completely.

We have a key drop right next to our front door. Please fill out the envelops that are supplied, put your keys inside, and we will contact you first thing the next morning

Absolutely. Sometimes we get no-shows, or cancelled appointments. Having your vehicle already here means we can possibly squeeze it in sooner.

We do not. We recommend contacting Collins Bros Towing. 763-241-9177

Yes. However we do not let vehicles leave the lot until they are paid in full. If you need financing options, please navigate to the Financing area on the menu.

Typically Yes. We work with most warranty companies. All we need is your vehicle at our shop and your warranty companies name and phone number. From there we will work directly with the warranty company to keep all the headache of the paperwork off your shoulders.

Generally speaking, warranty companies will process a claim and approve it within a matter of hours, which means there is no long waiting period. This does vary from repair to repair and the warranty company itself.


Have any other questions not covered here? Just shoot us a message..